A downloadable game for Windows

Made as a Ludum Dare 38 game

A war spread Across this galaxy, started by an argument over the smallest world in the universe seriously its barely big enough to land on, but any way collect resources build your base bigger than the enemies and conquer The Minuscule Sphere.


  • W and S to move
  • mouse to look and shoot
  • left mouse to select and cancel build
  • right mouse to build selected


  • Resource Gathering
  • Base Building
  • An Enemy A.I. Empire
  • And A Quest For The Smallest Planet
  • Five Building types Mines, Turret, Foundry's, Refinery's, And MotherShips
  • Two unit types Bombers and Blasters (Clicking on a foundry while change unit type)
  • Two Resource Types (Refinery's only produce energy if you have more than 60 scrap)

Made Entirely By My Self Within 48-Hours For The Ludum Dare Compo

it Was Originally going to be about cells but well after i started making the art it kind of went to aliens.

the Source Code Has Mentions to glucose, proteins and Mother Cells

Install instructions

the Game Is The First .rar

and The Source Code Is The Second

just make sure you extract before you run

(for some reason the source file will only run if it is in "C:/Documents/GameMaker/Projects/" If Your A Game Maker User This Shouldn't Be A Problem)


The Minuscule Sphere.zip 4 MB
Ld_38_v01.gmx.rar 12 MB

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